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"I remember just throwing my body, like I could care less what happens to me," Keenan recalls. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be a top competitor in the Games next year.

Losing was not an option for this competitor and she managed to jump two spots as a reward for her efforts. For what its worth, I am still chasing your Fran time and found a lot of motivation heading into the Games this year from watching your videos.

The only caveat is it has to be used for the place of business. Being inactive can result in diabetes, high blood pressure, joint damage and other health problems.

Seems very unlikely, of course, but it certainly is fun to think about. Yeah, I said "recess." This Week in the Fitness Industry has a collection of top 2014 trend lists, a new class modeled after elementary school recess, a study on cardio vs. A Mayo Clinic researcher explains that those who work in an office setting and patients who are immobilized, among others, can be put into this category.

Half of the time I was there, I was bummed about missing out on Deadlift Day, and as much as I tried not to bring up Crossfit in the six-minute time limit I had with each guy, it subconsciously came spewing out of my mouth just about every time; I silently scoffed at the majority that never heard of Crossfit, and wrinkled my nose at the ones that heard of it but had no desire to do it. “None, Mom.” She replied, “They must have gone home and Googled “Crossfit” and decided you were too intimidating for them.” Let me preface the rest of this by saying I am completely comfortable being single.

In fact, becoming single was the best things that could have happened when it comes to my dedication to Crossfit.

I no longer had to schedule my workouts around someone’s else’s schedule, and if I wanted to hang around the gym longer, no one is waiting for me at home making me feel bad about doing so.

I can meal prep and plan for one and leftovers last for days.

At 30 years old, I am feeling the most independent, strong, and confident than I ever have, EVER. That I am dedicated, passionate, borderline-obsessed with Crossfit?Just as she thought she was home free, Dunsmore closed the gap."I could hear somebody coming up on my side," she reflects,"and I was right at the cone...In this video, Heather gives 'play by play' on the loaded sandbag-sprint heat that she clinched by the narrowest of margins.With a strong heat including Jolie Gentry and Sarah Dunsmore to deal with, Heather came out of the gates hot and took an early lead.

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