Hand in new portfolio professionalism teacher validating

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They can also be dangerous to understanding, in that people may fail to recognize the figurative nature of a metaphor, and come to take it literally.(Wikipedia) The purpose of this page is to share different metaphors that have been used to describe portfolios, for the purpose of helping to build a shared understanding about the multiple purposes of portfolios.The text also includes hands-on guidance to help teachers prepare useful portfolios."--Jacket.Portfolio possibilities: validating a new teacher professionalism / Nona Lyons -- Teacher portfolios: a theoretical activity / Lee Shulman -- Creating a portfolio culture / Dennie Wolf -- Mentoring portfolio development / Helen Freidus -- Learning from looking / Steve Seidel -- Reflections on the use of teams to support the portfolio process / Carol Lynn Davis and Ellen Honan -- Constructing narratives for understanding: using portfolio interviews to scaffold teacher reflection / Nona Lyons -- Portfolios in teacher education: technical or transformational?Moss); (14) "When the State Mandates Portfolios: The Vermont Experience" (Richard H.Dollase), and (15) "The Case of the Missing Portfolio Entry: The Moral and Ethical Dimensions of Teaching" (Gloria Ladson-Billings).

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a Culture of Professional Development" (Lee Teitel, Maria Ricci, and Jacqueline Coogan); (10) "The Portfolio Question: The Power of Self-Directed Inquiry" (Grace E. Huebner); and (11) "A Post-Tenure Review Portfolio: A Collaborative Venture" (Larry Cuban)./ Jon Snyder, Ann Lippincott, and Doug Bower -- Experienced teachers construct teaching portfolios: a culture of compliance vs.a culture of professional development / Lee Teitel, Maria Ricci, and Jacqueline Coogan -- Portfolio question: the power of self-directed inquiry / Grace E.Below are brief quotes from various authors and resources on portfolios, to help us understand their multiple perspectives and purposes.portfolio is the kind of portfolio I think of when I think of the portfolio as mirror....

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