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There is an online chat channel that is used for discussion among people who use Word Press and occasionally support topics.

Windows and WIndows Server are registered trademarks of Microsoft, Inc.(irc.#wordpress) You can post to your Word Press blog with tools like Windows Live Writer, Ecto, w.bloggar, Radio Userland (which means you can use Radio's email-to-blog feature), Newz Crawler, and other tools that support the blogging to execute periodically to check the mailbox for new posts.You can do it with cron-jobs, or if your host doesn't support it you can look into the various website-monitoring services, and make them check your Word Press has no multi-million dollar marketing campaign or celebrity sponsors, but we do have something even better—you.Fast forward to today, and you’ll now find a Sri Lankan […]Last year, the Korean government launched an initiative that invited startups from across the world.Over 2000 startups from 124 applied to this initiative with a rigorous acceptance rate of 1.6%.

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