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2 When my oncologist told me that I would need eight chemo treatments I was actually kind of relieved.

It seemed like most other Hodgkin’s Lymphoma patients that I had talked to needed at least twelve treatments, so I felt like I was getting off pretty easy. I […] 1 I remember feeling the left side of my neck one day and thinking “Well, those are new” I had three small bumps under my skin that were all relatively close to each other.

I assumed they were my lymph nodes but thought it was strange that they were swollen since I wasn’t sick. This will probably wind up being the only fun thing cancer has to offer me. My favorite gay couple was in town, so I invited them to come along with my mother and me to try on some new hair.

I wasn’t sure how […] 4 After being diagnosed with cancer I had so many questions running through my head.

Female comic book characters seem to always have a big chest, a booty only Sir Mix-A-Lot would love and a waist the size of a twist tie.

One could argue that all the women in the comic book universe might be a little too sexy for comics but these ladies top the list. We think her outfit is made up of from a small part of Dracula’s cape.

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“It was a reporter from a newspaper wanting to know if I had any opinion on the imprisonment of [Middle East hostage] Terry Waite,” he says. The song was inescapable, rocketing to number one across Europe and North America and turning the shaven-headed duo into unlikely stars.

So sudden was the ascent the siblings had yet to quit their day jobs.

Sexy was written as a lark – it began with Richard gazing into a gym mirror singing “I’m too sexy” – and nobody in the London music industry wanted to touch it. “We couldn’t get it placed anywhere,” says Fairbrass.

“The feedback from America is that it could never be a hit because it starts with a vocal. At that point we had no money so we couldn’t change it – it was a case of, ‘like it or lump it’.

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