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The size of the rings can also depend on the age of the tree, because as a tree gets older it produces narrower rings as well. Dendrochronology has two uses in archaeology: it can be used to calibrate (correct) radiocardon dates, and it can be used to date things all on its own.

Archaeologists look at other trees of the same species in the area because they have the same ring patterns.


Dutch Elm Disease was accidentally introduced in the late 1920s from the old world and quickly decimated the stately shade tree throughout its range, exposing the shaded boulevards and the floodplain forest floor, where they naturally grow best, to the bright summer sun.Tree ring dating allows archaeologists to date when a tree was cut. Douglass was an astronomer that worked at archaeological sites in the Southwestern United States. Soon, with the rise of computers and statistical methods, scientists, like archaeologists, were able to create long series of tree ring dates that could be used to help figure out how old things are.The method was developed in the early 20 century by A. Dendrochronology, or tree ring dating, examines the rings produced by trees each year.But scientists, arborists, land managers and interested citizens are working diligently to help the majestic American Elm reign once again.In this episode of Outdoor Radio, VCE biologists Sara Zahendra and Kent Mc Farland join scientists from the Nature Conservancy and local enthusiasts in Plainfield, Vermont at the foot of a disease-resistant elm.

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