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The five-year-old girl cowers naked and crying in a corner. Fantasy it could be, but the fact so many like-minded men laughed and masturbated over a helpless child’s torture, terror and death is chilling and profoundly disturbing. After Took was arrested last April, the police interviewed him in connection with the child’s murder but Took insisted it was mere fantasy and the police passed the case on to Interpol.Often, an addiction gets out of control because you need more and more to satisfy a craving and achieve the "high" you feel.If you think you may have a sexual addiction, there is plenty of support available to you.Roger Took was sentenced this February to a minimum of four and a half years in prison as part of an indeterminate sentence for 17 other crimes relating to child abuse.They included molesting two of his step-granddaughters and the possession of 260 photographs, including 102 ‘Level 5s’, which mean they contain images of children being tortured or penetrated, including by animals.Relationship counselling service Relate describes sex addiction as any sexual activity that feels "out of control".This could be sex with a partner, but it can also mean activities such as pornography, masturbation, visiting prostitutes or using chat lines.

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Note therefore that some indecent or obscene communications may more appropriately be prosecuted under the OPA, rather than as a communications offence.

Given that many people are loath to admit that they cheat, research on cheating may underestimate its prevalence.

But it appears that cheating is as common as fidelity.

For instance, in [2012] EWCA Crim 398, the defendant was charged with publishing an obscene article contrary to section 2(1) of the Obscene Publications Act 1959, relating to an explicit internet relay chat or conversation with one other person, concerning fantasy incestuous, sadistic paedophile sex acts on young and very young children.

Top of page The general rule used to be that English and Welsh courts did not accept jurisdiction over offences committed outside England and Wales.

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