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Crannogs, of course, are built predominantly in timber which is often preserved by wetland conditions, so the possibility existed to be able to be very precise with the date of occupation of these prehistoric settlements- something that has never been achieved in Scotland before.

Refining Chronological Resolution: a landscape approach The breakthrough came at the crannog of Dorman’s Island, when the first prehistoric dendro date was obtained from split oak logs used as flooring on the island.

This paper reports on the research outcomes on cores collected from sixteen wetlands along the Murrumbidgee–Murray River continuum.

In all sixteen wetlands radiometric techniques and exotic pollen biomarkers were used to establish sedimentation rates from the collected cores.

The result is a hand-operated soil corer that resembles the aluminum irrigation pipe corer that De Laune et al. Instead of aluminum pipe, we used regular steel stovepipe and a variety of tools for insertion.

Over the last decade there has been a deliberate focus on the application of paleolimnological research to address issues of sediment flux and water quality change in the wetlands of the Murray–Darling Basin of Australia.

The stovepipe can be cut open to expose the soil sample so that it can easily be sectioned for incremental analysis.

The corer was used to take 130 samples in 18 different sites, spanning many different wetland substrate types.

This showed that that crannog was occupied between 153 and 121 BC and again in the sub-Roman period, but most crucially demonstrating that Galloway crannogs could be linked to Irish and northern English dendrochronological sequences.

A Critical Assessment of Recent Soil Dating Methods in Coastal Wetlands Are you interested in coastal wetlands and how they form in the landscape?

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