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The couple bought the domain "wherewhitepeoplemeet.com" in May 2015 and commissioned their son, a high school senior, to design it.While an early version has been online since August, the site officially launched last weekend when Russell unveiled an immediately divisive billboard southwest of Salt Lake City. She challenged me to meet one new person a week — no left or right swiping — until the... She challenged me to meet one new person a week — no left or right swiping — until the...The site’s search allows only women to search for men and allows men to search only for women.

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Take comfort in the solid foundation of your relationship - face up to any and all stigma together.Social media circulation may have helped boost membership, but it drew negative reactions from Twitter users.“ to meet fellow white supremacists seems a bit steep considering how easy Trump has made it for you to be open about it,” user @alexpow tweeted to the site’s official Twitter handle.Although that billboard depicts a smiling white couple, Russell insists that anyone over 18 may join, regardless of race or ethnicity.(“If you’re a black man who prefers to date white women, this might be a good option,” he said — presuming you can get over the object of your affection’s stated racial preferences.) It costs a month to message other members, and the site’s terms of service specifically prohibit messages that “promote racism, bigotry, [or] hatred.” “The site is not racially motivated in any way,” Russell stressed.

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