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Christopher Gerse was Will from 2003 to 2007, before Dylan Patton took over the role in 2009.

After Dylan left in 2010, Massey played Will until 2014.

According to EW.com, who broke the news on Monday, “Massey returned to work in the last month.

His first episode will air sometime in September.” “I am so excited to be bringing Will back to Salem! “I can’t wait for the fans to see what we have planned. ” Head writer Ron Carlivati teased Massye’s return with this tweet “Whaaaattt??? Let us know your thoughts on the return of Chandler Massey in the comment section below!

fans will remember that Will was murdered by Necktie Killer Ben Rogers (Robert Scott Wilson) in 2015.

At the time Will was portrayed by Guy Wilson who spoke out on Monday, May 8, 2017, about Massey’s imminent return to the role of Will Horton.

Chandler Massey is the actor who will be reprising his role as Sami Brady and Lucas Horton’s son, Will Horton, in September of this year.Freddie Smith will reportedly join the cast as Marco, who is described as "super-athletic and friendly." As for Ian, sources close to the show reveal that his character is being written out upon Riabko's request so the actor will have a clear schedule for the upcoming pilot season! Teddy's way too fragile at this point to have his heart broken so quickly! Here's the full text of his long, meaningful, touching message (below): Justin Bieber is untouchable right now!He may give you real chlamydia, but definitely not chlamydia of the ear!I’ve always advocated that Will Horton is larger than any one actor, and to be able to confirm publicly that Will is returning is a true triumph.Whether it were me, Chandler, or an entirely new recast, the world needs Will Horton.

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