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Download as well as the music-centric online dating website, Rockn Roll

Billy Bragg just announced on his website that Nonesuch Records will be putting out a new album featuring 17 previously unreleased songs from the original recording sessions that produced 1998’s Mermaid Avenue and 2000’s Mermaid Avenue Volume II. Michael Davis, Bass Player for Legendary MC5 Has Died (Pitchfork) The "Motor City Five" could arguably be considered the godfathers of punk, metal, garage rock, and myriad other genres with their blistering approach to rock'n'roll dating back to their debut album in 1969. Below, the band tearing through their biggest hit, "Kick Out The Jams." More. v=i M6nasmkg7A] Funny: SNL sends up Jay-Z, Beyonce, Prince, Bon Iver, & More When Maya Rudolph makes a return to the set of SNL, impressions and cameos abound in this sketch about the lifestyles of the rich and eccentric.

Shout was launched in 2003 and following a similar model as Rhino, releasing music catalog re-issues and compilations, retro-TV shows on DVD.

They managed their online business for a few years with a website that had by then outgrown its purpose.

Additionally, the site provides original content including exclusive interviews with musicians and a section called "Dates From Hell,” in which various authors give their accounts of dates gone wrong.

As of February 2011, the site claims to have an active user base between 5–6,000 users.

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